Geopark "Ore of the Alps"

Bischofshofen, Mühlbach, St. Veit, Hüttau

Our region is famous for the skiing area “Hochkönigs-Winterreich”, the annual ski jumping competition in Bischofshofen at epiphany and the wonderful recreation area of the “sun-terrace” of St. Veit / Goldegg, where in ancient times miners were busy, to prospect minerals. The history of copper began in the Bronze Age at the “Arthur-Stollen” (Arthurs mine). Till today traces of prehistoric mining are detectable. The Geopark „Ore of the Alps” offers a diversity of GEO, nature, culture, wellness, culinary and adventure. Immerse yourself into the world of the “colourful minerals”, in the fascinating “heart of the alps” – Geopark, in the district of Pongau near Salzburg.

The Geopark presents the geological features, raise awareness of their great value and their importance of conservation.
Geomorphological forms are the products of thousends and millions of years of Earth’s history and have to be protected.
The importance of soils, as the base of life, should be made aware to all people.

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